What is a Sales Playbook?

A Sales Playbook contains your company’s critical sales information and shows your sales people how to deliver your best practices in each critical customer scenario. It has easily accessible plays, to make sure your sales function has what it needs to be consistent and successful

What is SalesEnabla?

It’s your online Sales Playbook, carefully designed and easy to personalise. It allows you to combine proven industry sales strategies with the best version of what you do. Your sales people can play a winning hand in every critical customer scenario, because smart selling is your people knowing what, how and why you do, what you do – and then doing it every time

A SalesEnabla Partner

Selmarc have been a successful partner with the team at SalesEnabla for several years.

We will work with you in tandem while we build your sales playbook on SalesEnabla. You will be able to see it working and watch our progress in real time as we input your data. No waiting, no sending documents back and forth for discussion.  It’s the perfect solution while we are all isolated and working from home.  We can meet remotely, share screens and proceed easily with the crucial work of making sure your business is ready when this crisis is over.     

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