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David Patching
FCIM - Technology marketing in gaming, audio and CE markets

March 2020,

David is a true leader with a strong moral compass and exceptional commercial acumen.
His knowledge of change management and sales systems had led to the transformation of many businesses, including Cyrus. I cannot recommend him highly enough to any company looking to realign their sales channels with their customer requirements.

Simon Freethy
Managing Director, Cyrus Audio

March 2020,

David had a transformational impact on our business. He was able to bring years of large company sales experience to bear, to make us re-look at the way we sold and the way we managed our sales team.  He is an empathetic man manager, bringing people with him, improving on what you have rather than tearing it down and starting again.

Claire Giannandrea
Marketing Manager, Cyrus Audio

March 2020,

David’s unique insight to business is truly amazing.
Incredible team player - I personally loved working with him as he's supportive, inspirational and his business advice gets results. He carries a naturally strong reputation wherever he goes.

Mark Shields
Chairman at OneRegistry

David joined the senior management team at CRedit360. His drive and determination to succeed were self-evident and showed in the sales results he posted. David gained the respect of those around him whilst making significant changes to the international team. David works at all levels, strategic, operational and tactical, willing to listen but also crucially willing to act to achieve results. David was a pleasure to work with every day. 

Charles Cameron
Partner at Cameron Barney LLP

David has helped three businesses, where I have been involved, improve the level (quality) and quantity of sales activity and bring established practices and processes into situations where operational metrics were previously weak.

Kevin Gaskell
International leadership speaker, investor, private equity chairman, author

David joined the senior management team at Achilles as interim Sales Director and over the course of 12 months was instrumental in driving a positive change of mentality and focus. He can develop, drive and support substantial improvements in sales performance in a short space of time. Firm but fair he quickly gains the respect of those around him. 

Christian Groeger
Executive MBA HSG, Director Partner Programs

David combined clear thinking and very structured business analysis methods. He integrated corporate guidelines and local needs into successful business planning and execution. With his sense of urgency and his sense of humour he was highly respected in and outside the organization. 

Petra Jenner
General Manager & Senior Vice President EMEA Emerging Markets and Israel at Salesforce

David is a strong motivational leader who can guide teams in difficult times and under difficult circumstances. he has been very structured and instrumental in redefining the new strategy and keep the suppliers engaged in difficult financial circumstances. He has clear vision and is a good person to conduct business with. He understands that business is about win/win situations and helps to reach a good common understanding of joint objectives. 

Eduard Meelhuysen
EVP Sales EMEA at Link11

David is this exceptional guy that knows how to translate the theory into ready made business solutions in practice. Great sales knowledge. Good entrepreneur. Solid businessman. And above all, a great guy. I recommend him for every international company and would like to work with David in the future again.

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