In-depth Sales Audit

Wherever possible we start engagements with an audit as it provides a fixed point of reference for our customers and ourselves against which success can be measured.

If you want to make a profit...

..know where you are

The starting point for any business growth plan whether in business recovery mode or acceleration, is to understand where we are standing and the gaps between where the business is now and where it needs to be.  Sounds simple but the kind of sales audit required will depend on the complexity and scope of the business situation and objectives.  

We have been carrying out in-depth audits across a broad spectrum of businesses and market offerings for many years, particularly during the due-diligence phase of an acquisition or merger.  Any audit of the sales function must necessarily be carried out in the context of the wider business goals and objectives.  

Our methodology represents the development of current best practice in sales and marketing operations from hands-on commercial experience and academic rigour.   The Celstrat matrix was developed to illustrate the depth of the sales audit, considering its' relationship with internal operations, the product portfolio and market dynamics.

Through a combination of data analysis and interviews with staff and customers, we seek to examine the entire sales process, from the systems it uses to knowledge, skill and activities of the people who use them. We delve into the detail of personnel and structure, to team management and process, to lead generation and account management and much more.

The initial sales audit deliverable is an actionable report, with our recommendations and a proposed activity plan with agreed implementation priorities and timeline.  It is the basis for decision making and we expect to work closely with our clients providing the experience, tools, templates, guidance and skills needed - working both in the business and on the business and helping to deliver the changes needed.
If this is something you would like to implement in your business, let’s talk.

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